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WinEr is a comprehensive integrated software solution for all kinds of educational institutions. It's a complete end-to-end school management software. It can maintain school data for sessions together and reports are available for data analysis and decision-making. It has a modular approach & is an integrated system with many key features. This approach of Integrated Management system avoids duplication of work and results in time and cost savings.WinEr has highly accurate and professional record keeping mechanisms and No performance degradation even after using for several years.

  • Efficiency.
  • Faster communications.
  • Better control and organized record keeping.
  • Reduction of paper works and improves operation efficiency by 70 %.
  • Provide statistical information's for better management and decision making.
  • More secure and traceable than manual record keeping.
  • Improves the integrity and quality of the organization
  • Rule based and category based fee managements.
  • Exam management and auto generation of performance reports.
  • Managing of Knowledge such as disciplinary actions, achievements, health reports etc.
  • Real-time monitoring reports to parent using SMS and online mechanisms.
  • Admission management and multi stage student enrolment.
  • Full control(who does what ,for principal and administrators)
  • Very high security and user access control options for principal/staff/teachers etc.


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