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WINCERON specializes in business to business application development and small business software development. We provide a full range of business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology.

We also provide product engineering services and solutions to several leading off-the-shelf software companies. Winceron team evaluates each project individually to determine which approach is the most appropriate and efficient. Then we modify our methodology, or framework, for each unique development project. We understand firsthand the importance of utilizing technology that allows you to solve your most complex challenges efficiently and productively. Our solutions are developed to assist organizations solve real-world problems, to be more competitive in their markets and better achieve their strategic objectives.

Winceron delivers a structured, repeatable, and consistent development process.

Typical business application development life-cycle includes the following stages:

  • Software research and analysis.
  • Software design and development.
  • Software migration and re-engineering.
  • Software testing and quality assurance (QA).
  • Software maintenance and support.

We live in an economy that is unpredictable. Business needs force priorities to shift constantly. Budgets grow and shrink. Teams move with the conditions at play. But the needs and goals remain. The key to business success, today, is to get the right people at the right time and get the job done in order to meet the business objectives.

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